Edit/Mode provides women the curated service of a Personal Stylist that is virtually accessible anywhere. In an online world of endless options and lackluster results—we provide a seamless shopping experience with edited selections just for you. No matter what mode of life you’re in.

Founded by veteran personal stylist and trend forecaster, Kaki Gaines, Edit/Mode utilizes her expertise to sift through refined brands and retailers and filter products by style preference, fit, and lifestyle. The result is a curated list of expansive wardrobe options that empower you to shop with confidence in less time.



Kaki Gaines is a personal stylist and trend forecaster dedicated to empowering women by cultivating their personal style. Her innate love of fashion led her to styling where she dressed highly successful female entrepreneurs. Her experience as a stylist sparked the idea to create a personal style-driven online platform. She saw a white space in the online shopping market through spending time curating clothing for clients. Her desire was to create a digital space where users could shop across multiple brands and websites within one website, while also being able to apply personal styling inspired filters.

Edit/Mode was conceived as an outlet to empower women to shop with confidence and to develop their own personal style as they learn to dress for their unique body type.