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About Grace

Grace is a graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned a degree in Textiles and Apparel with an emphasis on Merchandising and Consumer Sciences. Throughout her time at UT, she fell in love with the history of fashion and discovered that clothing is about more than just being beautiful, that it has the power to influence people and their surroundings. Her most impactful experience while at UT was living in Paris, France for a month studying the birth of luxury fashion and learning how modern-day Parisiennes dress. Grace’s individual style and understanding of how to dress were greatly influenced by the modern interpretation of rich history and culture surrounding the city. Furthering this passion, she started her career by working for EDIT/MODE as a Luxury Styling Intern. In this position, she learned the importance of dressing for specific body types as well as being familiar with your own body to use clothing as an expression of individuality. Grace aims to inspire clients to find their own style and derive confidence from their unique wardrobe.

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